Colleen (_deadskin_) wrote in fuck_cobainites,

because this community is as dead as...well...

Myspace is chock-full of cobainites.
post your favorite flannel-humping-cobain-cuddler's links and you'll win a soggy log in the face.

first constestant:

because nothing says anti-conformity and big brand bashing quite like your abercrombie and fitch back round.

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Well her background happened for a reason unlike Kurt Cobains death
I think im gonna throw up. DMX, Fall out boy, and Kurt Cobain?
Smells Like Teen Spirit makes my ears bleed.
So does Fall Out Boy.
Because Pete Wentz is a narcissist, and god do I hate those types.

Jesus, you'd think she has enough pictures of him?
That's creepy. Really, it is.

I wonder if that girl even knows who the fuck Big D and the Kids Table are, because usually kids like that don't listen to any way, shape or form of ska.
Her whole page is an eyesore. She's all "omg Jessie McCartney, Kurt Cobain, and Chad Michael Murray!!!11"

Yet she's both an AIC and Pearl Jam fan. *heart drops*
Oh well, I saw it coming.
"She's locked inside Kurt's heartshaped-box"

I wasn't aware Kurt had a vagina.