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I think I've finally figured something out.
And that is, why most cobainites are..'OMFGZ!!11! LIEK MY CHEMIKEL ROWMANCE!111!!'fans. Obsessive. My Chem. fans as well.

I distinctly remember flipping channels one day, coming to VH1, and seeing an interview with Courtney Love.
It was either this, CNN or Bear and The Big Blue House. (You see where I'm getting.)
So, she was talking about how Frances, who apparently loved My Chem., and said that they were her favorite band.
And, god knows since Senor Cobain is dead, and The lead singer looks like a fucking corpse with, -oh no!- scene hair, and Senor Cobain's daughter loves them. It must of clicked.

That, or, they liked My Chem. before Nirvana, and decided to obsess over Nirvana, Namely Senor Cobain, instead of My Chem.

It's just a theory.
Either that or they're all obsessive compulsive extremists with bad taste in music.
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