Nate (gov_of_cali) wrote in fuck_cobainites,

After she was talking shit to Mina aka ___neurotica, I decided to intervene with the dipshit...

BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and who might this be?
PrrPrincess4: your mom
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: real mature
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: why do you find it neccessary to talk shit to random people?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: cat got your tongue?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: talk dipshit, talk
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: hmmmm thought so
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: why don't you grow a pair and come back to me when you're ready
PrrPrincess4: what can i do for u my love
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: hmmm stop talking shit to random people
PrrPrincess4: hmm
PrrPrincess4: maybe if random ppl like u didnt talk to me
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and stop calling people retarded
PrrPrincess4: u talked to me first
PrrPrincess4: well she is
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: why'd you randomly IM her?
PrrPrincess4: lets see who posts things on livejournal trying to start drama lets see that nasty dyke i was talking to
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oh boy
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and who was that on the LJ?
PrrPrincess4: why dont u go run away
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: what's your LJ username?
PrrPrincess4: none of your business
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: it isn't?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i posted there also
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: so it is my business
PrrPrincess4: im not into the whole livejournal drama
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: really?
PrrPrincess4: no its not
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: then why are you IM'ing someone from the LJ drama shit to try to dis them?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oooh, so you are into LJ drama
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: thought so
PrrPrincess4: cause she dissed me on livejournal
PrrPrincess4: im telling her to stop
PrrPrincess4: dont think u got me
PrrPrincess4: u wont get me
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: if you're that idiot hpallb whatever i dissed you too
PrrPrincess4: well im not
PrrPrincess4: guess again
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i am the awesomeness that is gov_of_cali
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: so if you want to talk shit, do it here
PrrPrincess4: AM I NOT ALREADY
PrrPrincess4: can u not read?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: so i can bash down your dumbass and show everyone how much of a tool you are
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: can you not spell?
PrrPrincess4: why waste my time on a piece of trash like u
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and you're the trash randomly IM'ing people for fun
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and i did what to be trash again?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: can't think of any reasons
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: fucking idiot, go hump kurt's urn
PrrPrincess4: why r u in a kurt cobain community if u dont like him
PrrPrincess4: u idiot
PrrPrincess4: are u that retarded
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: ....
PrrPrincess4: u must have no life
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i'm in a community that promotes the BAND
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: not one man
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: dumbass
PrrPrincess4: to have to go to livejournal to feel like uve accomplished something
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i bet you couldn't name the other 2 members of nirvana
PrrPrincess4: o really
PrrPrincess4: dave grohl and kris
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: there's no kris
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: there's a krist
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and you don't know his last name
PrrPrincess4: same thing
PrrPrincess4: i know more than u could ever know
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: ahahahahaha
PrrPrincess4: some come on keep going
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: where country did krist go to when he was 17?
PrrPrincess4: do i know stuff about him?
PrrPrincess4: DO I
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: no, you don't
PrrPrincess4: is he my favorite from the band?
PrrPrincess4: no
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: but if i asked a question about kurt i'm sure you'd know a whole lot more
PrrPrincess4: im not gonna look him all up if i dont like him
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: you god damn cobainite
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: go jack off and listen to all apologies you miscrient
PrrPrincess4: wow u r smart
PrrPrincess4: how can i jerk off
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: wow, i realized that
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and i realized you're a fucking idiot
PrrPrincess4: o really
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: you lack the grammatical sense of a 5 year old for christ sake
PrrPrincess4: thats cool
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: my cousin, who is 5 for the record, speaks more intelligently than you could wish to do in your life
PrrPrincess4: im the smartest kid in my english class yea i must be a real dumbass
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: what are you in, the sped class?
PrrPrincess4: your cousins probably a little queer following in ur foot steps
PrrPrincess4: u fag
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: can i give you a smiley face t-shirt and send you off to SPED camp?
PrrPrincess4: no im in ap classes
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: can i sponsor you for the special olympics?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: im taking college level trig and im in my junior year
PrrPrincess4: u cant even spell ap
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: you don't hear my bragging
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: advanced placement
PrrPrincess4: i just did
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: before the other statement, moron
PrrPrincess4: i highly doubt your in any advanced classes
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oh really?
PrrPrincess4: can u not read
PrrPrincess4: i just said so
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i happen to be in all advanced classes dipshit
PrrPrincess4: i doubt that
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i'm number 2 in my class and not number 1 because i don't care enough to try
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oh, so now you're a psychic?
PrrPrincess4: IM SURE
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: because you can tell what i do, OVER AIM
PrrPrincess4: what a liar u must be
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i am in all advanced classes idiot
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oh wow
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: are you yoda now?
PrrPrincess4: u seem to think u know me over AIM
PrrPrincess4: i bet ur some fatass with no friends so u always have the time to study
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: hmm, i know you're an idiot from your jargon
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: pal
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i got a life
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: im in a band
PrrPrincess4: I BET
PrrPrincess4: lol
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i snowboard
PrrPrincess4: lol
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i hang with my friends a lot
PrrPrincess4: IT HURTS
PrrPrincess4: NO
PrrPrincess4: NO
PrrPrincess4: NO
PrrPrincess4: NOI
PrrPrincess4: sdfjsdfjsdalkfjsdafa;sdf
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: im sure all you have time to do is get yourself off on hentai you dumbass
PrrPrincess4: what a liar
PrrPrincess4: u have a friends
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: why don't you go back to your AP classes and learn how to spell "you", twit
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: uh-oh
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: captain dipshit is stumped
PrrPrincess4: why would i waste my time telling u how smart i am when i already know
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: oh really now?
PrrPrincess4: FRIEND
PrrPrincess4: AND U
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: where do you go to school at?
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i
PrrPrincess4: LOL
PrrPrincess4: LOL
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: i'm pretty sure in montana, because only an idiot could excel in montana
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: and what are you in, 7th grade?
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: you lack any sense, whatsoever
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: drop the act of thinking you're cool
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: you're only making yourself to be a narcissistic dumbass who can barely speak over the internet (and most likely worse in real life)
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: my advice for you is to shut the fuck up, and grow up
BatmanTOtheLIMIT: bye now
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